Let’s dance – complessi da ballo dagli anni ’70 fino a oggi

Musica popolare

...e se vado in svezia?

imagesI complessi da ballo “Dansband” sono un fenomeno molto sentito nella cultura popolare svedese. Non sono semplici complessi musicali che accompagnano le coppie danzanti. Sono molto di più, è quasi una religione.

Nascevano circa sessanta anni fa come semplici orchestrine locali, che facevano ballare i giovani il sabato sera. Suonavano musica ispirata dallo swing, dal country e dal genere “schlager” (letteralmente battito o colpo, usato per descrivere una canzonetta di successo) contaminati dalla canzone tradizionale svedese. Negli anni settanta ci fu il grande boom e lo stile musicale dei “Dansband” divenne un genere vero e proprio: la “dansbandsmusik”. Per distinguersi nel mercato ci si inventava dei look personali: pettinature, vestiti, nomi e mascotte. Gli strumenti del gruppo erano la chitarra elettrica, il basso, la “keyboard” (pianola) e la batteria. Alcuni complessi aggiunsero il sassofono, la fisarmonica e, in qualche caso, la tromba.

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All we need is love! – Fabrizio Faraco

the most effective marketing tool is engagement. Because engagement ensures an emotional bond between consumer and brand so that conversations can flow between them about the brand. So all we need is love!

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In this highly interconnected world the key factor becomes enabling consumers to recommend the brand in their stories. But to do this it is not enough like the product or the brand: it is necessary to love it! Because people only recommends brand they love. The only content that exist is that worth telling.

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All we need is love! – Fabrizio Faraco

Il marketing più efficace è legato all’engagement, ovvero creare un legame emotivo tra consumatore e marchio. All we need is love

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In un mondo fortemente interconnesso la chiave di tutto diventa quindi fare sì che i consumatori raccomandino il marchio nelle loro storie. Ma per fare questo non basta che il prodotto o il marchio piaccia: è necessario che il marchio sia amato! Perché solo così esisteranno dei contenuti che varrà la pena di raccontare.

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Radical embodied cognition: an interview with Andrew Wilson

Mind Hacks

adw_headshot_squareThe computational approach is the orthodoxy in psychological science. We try and understand the mind using the metaphors of information processing and the storage and retrieval of representations. These ideas are so common that it is easy to forget that there is any alternative. Andrew Wilson is on a mission to remind us that there is an alternative – a radical, non-representational, non-information processing take on what cognition is.

I sent him a few questions by email. After he answered these, and some follow up questions, we’ve both edited and agreed on the result, which you can read below.

Q1. Is it fair to say you are at odds with lots of psychology, theoretically? Can you outline why?

Psychology wants to understand what causes our behaviour. Cognitive psychology explanations are that behaviour is caused by internal states of the mind (or brain, if you like). These states are called mental representations, and they…

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Content Marketing and the Customer: the journey

From acquisition to conversion, content has a vital role to play in your customer engagement cycle. But have you given much thought to how that role evolves during the customer’s journey?

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Of course, getting potential customers onto your site is only half the battle. The next step is converting them – and you could still fall at this final hurdle. – See more at: http://theeword.co.uk/seo/content-and-the-customer-the-journey/#sthash.1fu9WXBD.dpuf

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Content Marketing: A No-Brainer for Consumer Electronics

Content is highly regarded in the consumer electronics industry where customers are seeking fresh, insightful information before making a big purchase.

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Content is one of the most significant investments a company can make. While web design and vibrant videos are appealing, they don’t hold the same weight as content. This is especially true in the electronics industry, where customers are seeking fresh, insightful information before making a purchase.

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The Role of Data Analytics in Successful Retail Acquisition Campaigns

Contributor Alex LePage tells the story of a furniture retailer that leveraged intent data to great benefit.

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Marketing has always been about telling a great brand story and communicating it to the marketplace. But since the advent of data-driven programmatic (not to mention cross-screen) marketing, the complexity of getting that message out has increased exponentially.

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