A New Era for Search: The Zero Moment of Truth is Now Defined by Shared Customer Experiences – Brian Solis

Search is only part of the story now.

The experiences that people have and in turn share is created a powerful collective repository that is indexed and tapped every minute of every day…mostly outside of Google.

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This isn’t a debate about the merits of SEO versus social media optimization (SMO). Nor is this a discussion about social media. This is a discussion about behavior and the importance of discovery among an increasingly connected customer and the need to optimize and unite their journeys whether it’s on the traditional web, in social networks, or via mobile.

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Storytelling e problemi: dipende da come raccontiamo la storia

Storytelling, overused word, but … We can solve the problems just how we picture them in our storytelling. If  we tell them catastrophically, for sure we will not solve the problems. On the contrary, taking note of the problems, we tell the stories of those who put their souls in dealing with them every day, achieving results, we will strengthen the many women and men who are changing the world.

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I tried to convey in the Storify below the richness of what I have experienced and learned from this conference. But one thing I brought as concrete result: the strength and expertise of many, especially young people and women, who, despite the difficulties of our country are able to generate income and wealth for Italy.

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