Crisis? What to do? Let’s do inbound marketing!

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For a small company when strong winds of crisis blow the first thing that seems to be done is cutting down expenses. This engages a downward spiral that often leads the company to perish. The real answer? It’s the other way around: in a crisis (with often losses) the company must make any effort (i.e. invest) to increase the revenues. The point is to make more sales rather than to cut costs: if you are losing € 5,000 per week invest € 10,000 in order to lose less in two weeks! And continue to do so until you’re not losing anymore

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

how can a small company that has no resources and little access to credit in this crisis pursue such a strategy?Simple, to leverage what you already have at home and start an inbound marketing plan! To do this the company only needs creativity and initiative to build content and disseminate them. Let’s start with some brief definitions.

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