Spotdining is coming to Italy, too!

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SpotDiningis the meeting platform between diners (let’s not call them consumers, since they build and share business) and restaurants for accessing special offers in real-time or simply booking, now in testing in the San Francisco area. SpotDining is starting a test here in Italy in the ancient Praeneste area, Palestrina, Cave, Zagarolo, Colonna and the surroundings.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

The key Spotdining innovation is in its business model. Spotdining is a platform. It not only ties restaurants and diners in a marketplace (as economists say), but allows diners to build the offering through indicating the restaurants they would like Spotdining affiliate. Spotdining is not a restaurant review site (and never it will be), since there are already excellent services, such as Yelp that are an asset for it. Spotdining then uses the strength of the crowd

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