6 Steps to Compiling an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy

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In the face of resource constraints, simply put, no one has time to do it all. We all face the dilemma of how to prioritize our online marketing activities in a world that constantly demands more, and this post aims to help you develop a consistent and integrated framework to navigate an increasingly complex ecosystem.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

These are the challenges that, as marketers, we are all facing. Coming from an agency background, I can completely relate to the feeling that the right approach is to do more (offer more marketing channels/provide more specializations). Having worked on a variety of clients stemming from diverse backgrounds, whether it be huge enterprises, VC-backed start-ups that have to provide monthly reports to their board, or working within a heavily regulated industry, it doesn’t seem like anyone is looking for more options. Too often this results in scope creep, extended timelines, and going massively over-budget. In actuality, most of us are looking for a simplified approach and a means of appropriately prioritizing the right activities in an industry that wants to pull everyone in too many directions.


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