When Selling Digital Content, Let the Customer Set the Price

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The debate must move beyond free vs. fee.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

Yet, there may well be a light at the end of this tunnel, and it comes in the form of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who recently purchased The Washington Post, and Pierre Omidyar, founder ofeBay, who shortly after pledged $250 million to create a new general-interest news site. The surprising investments of these giants of the digital age have certainly made disbelievers sit up and take notice. But Bezos was quick to pinpoint the key challenge ahead

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Value Proposition: 4 questions every marketer should ask about value prop | MarketingSherpa Blog

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In this MarketingSherpa live blog post from Optimization Summit 2013, learn four questions every marketer should ask about value propositions.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

Turning theory into action was the key focus of Tony Doty, Senior Manager of Optimization, MECLABS, and Lauren Maki, Manager of Optimization, MECLABS, during the Industry Deep Dive session, “Value Proposition: How to turn that shiny, new value prop into a high-performing page,” here at MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments Optimization Summit 2013.

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‘Content’ Isn’t Just ‘Marketing’

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“Content” isn’t just things we think of as “marketing.” A great example is Virgin’s new pre-flight safety video.

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There’s much to love about this video. I detailed why I think it’s brilliant (and what companies of any size can learn from it, over at LinkedIn, in 4 Things Your Business Can Learn from a ‘Boring’ Pre-Flight Safety Briefing. (Check it out, and please subscribe to my updates there if you like what you see!)

But over here, I wanted to highlight one key takeaway from the Virgin music video safety briefing.

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Even in a world of high-tech communications, story-telling can be the best way to get a message across.

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Even in a world of high-tech communications, narratives can be the best way to get a message across.

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These days, he uses far fewer slides and a lot more anecdotes, turning his presentations into stories his audience can relate to instead of lecturing them on what needs changing.

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Essere antifragile: non lamentarti e sii più social! » Fabrizio Faraco

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Essere antifragile. Dobbiamo trarre beneficio dagli shock, prosperare e crescere in questo momento di crisi.

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Tutti noi possiamo farlo grazie ai canali di comunicazione sociali che internet ci mette a disposizione. Harvard Business Review ci dice che ci sono solo 3 regole per avere successo:

“Migliore” viene prima di “Più economico”, ovvero competere differenziandosi piuttosto che sul prezzo;“Fatturare” viene prima di “ridurre i costi”, ovvero aumentare le entrate è prioritario rispetto alla riduzione dei costi;Non esiste nessun’altra regola oltre queste due!

E invece, in Italia …

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