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The media business is going through a massive transformation as it digitizes.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

Time was, your typical media site would spend 80 percent of design and engineering resources on the home page and just 20 percent on the article pages. If you haven’t noticed, those days are long over. In today’s Internet world, visitors arrive at a site through the side door, namely via search, social or a referring link, and land directly on the article page. This means that the article pages, in addition to telling a great story, also have to perform the functions of a home page: They have to position the brand, set the site tone, merchandise content and calls to action, and even capture an email to ensure future touch points. Every page is a new home page (and also still an article page).

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Un marketer che è passato in tanti mondi. An old pal who loves marketing and experienced lotta worlds

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