Follow These 7 Guides for Successful Content Marketing

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Read these 7 recently published books to gain value and insight into producing successful content marketing. They all offer solid advice how to create effective content and most share a focus on ef…

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

In addition to their solid advice on how to create successful content marketing projects, the books that follow share several key characteristics:

Relevance: Each offers specialized information that can significantly enhance a content marketer’s efficiency and effectiveness.Structure: In addition to conveying valuable information, each reflects the importance of a structured approach to organizing and sharing information. Content marketers can apply these examples to all types of projects, including eBooks, reports, and white papers.Visual communications: Most of this year’s crop of content marketing books reflect the importance of using simple hand-drawn (as opposed to formal — i.e., art director-created) visuals and graphics for engaging, communicating, and simplifying.

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