10 Ideas to promote your brand on Vine | Antonio Calero

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Vine, the micro-video application, is a great tool to boost your online presence and promote your brand. These 10 ideas will help you out in creating engaging content.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

It is the online application of the “elevator pitch”, where someone asks you at an elevator “what do you do for work?” – or “what does your company do?”. You have a very limited amount of time to explain it before the elevator arrives to the destination floor, most times just some seconds.

The idea of Vine is pretty much the same. In simple terms, it could be described as:

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What’s So New About Content Marketing?

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What’s so new about content marketing? The “nothing new here” brigade has a point: Content has always been an important part of many marketing plans (generally the better ones).

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

Content has always been an important part of many marketing plans (generally the better ones). But clearly, something unique is going on here.

Somewhere along the line, something changed to turn that “little thing we’ve always done” into this big, voracious thing that’s eating up every budget. Something had to have happenedto release the beast we now know as content marketing.

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Tune in with Twitter TV – Brian Solis

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Have you ever watched TV while using a laptop, smart phone, or tablet? Wait, why am I asking. Of course you have. That’s what we all do now right? So I guess the real question to ask is how often do you use Twitter vs. Facebook while watching TV? In many ways, Twitter is becoming a bona fide second screen experience while watching television. And in many ways, TV may also serve as the second screen to those engrossed in their Twitter streams. If you think about it, the idea that the TV becomes the second screen to digital experiences is rather provocative. Perhaps this is why Twitter is making some notable moves in the television analytics market recen

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Lead Generation Success Stories: Mashery | OpenView Blog

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In one of the best lead generation success stories, Mashery Sales Director Jim McDonough shares his insight and experiences building and managing a pipeline generation machine.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

In the late summer of 2011, OpenView Labs began working with Mashery to build an outbound lead generation team from scratch. Just shy of two years later, that original team of four has tripled in size, and Sales Director, Jim McDonough, has managed to build a pipeline generation machine in Boston, some 3,000 miles away from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.

This month marks an incredible milestone for Mashery, and for OpenView. Mashery was acquired by Intel, and we are SO incredibly proud of the entire organization.

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Can a People-Centric Social Media Strategy Scale?

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Want to learn how social media can scale? Use this strategy and it cannot fail.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

Remember when social media was social? Now, among the deluge of complaints, emoticons, and spam, individuals and businesses alike now find it nearly impossible to find and manage those one-to-one conversations that matter. Instead, social media strategies have become automated, impersonal, and actually contribute further to the exact problem they were put out there to solve for: streams of noise, shouting, and irrelevant messages.

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Small Business: How to Find Time for Social Media | Heidi Cohen

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To reap social media results, businesses regardless of size must spend time engaging on social media platforms, invest budget and wait for sales or other benefits. For most small businesses, these three resources are scarce.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Report, most small businesses spend under ten hours a week on social media.This makes sense given the challenges confronting most small business owners but if you’re on social media only when you have time, it’s not going to work.

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The 11 Most Fascinating Charts From Mary Meeker’s Epic Slideshow of Internet Trends

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Facebook is the only major social network in decline. Saudis share more online than anyone. You check your phone 150 times a day. And more.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

Every year, Mary Meeker and the team from KPCB unleash upon the world the mother of all slideshows, which aims to sum up The State of the Internet. This year’s behemoth was born this morning, weighing in at 117 pages. Here are the 12 most interesting pages. Check out the full report here.

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