Exploring the Fifth and Sixth P of Marketing – Brian Solis

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For years I’ve written about how the 4 Ps of Marketing, Product, Place, Pricing, and Promotion represented a dated perspective of customers and markets. In an era of connected consumerism, one could argue the merits of any of “Ps” and whether or not they’re still relevant. I suppose that’s a debate for another time. Instead, I’d like to introduce of two additional Ps that will propel a decades old concept and modernize it fora social economy.

Fabrizio Faraco‘s insight:

For those who’ve followed my work over the last decade, you’ll note that I’ve often referred to “people” as the “5th P of Marketing.” It wasn’t until recently however that I finally put all of the pieces together to consider a 6th P, in this case adding “Purpose” to the mix.

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About Fabrizio Faraco

Un marketer che è passato in tanti mondi. An old pal who loves marketing and experienced lotta worlds

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