3 ways to create an amazing experience for your customers – Albuquerque Business First

How do you create a superior experience — one so good that it creates strong digital word of mouth and keeps customers coming back? These three key strategies can help you create your own unique customer experience.

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This generation of businesses, both large and small, are taking a broader approach. They focus on creating a unique customerexperience that differentiates them from their competitors.

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Social Media is Lost Without a Social Compass – Brian Solis

Given the high rate of social media use by the public, organizations are compelled to engage with key audiences through these outlets. Social media engagement requires organizations to actively participate with public groups, and this highly-interactive exchange raises a new set of ethical concerns for communicators

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Social media is not lawless. It is governed by the code of each network. At the same time however, each network is governed by the culture that develops in how people connect and communicate. The laws that we abide by in the real world influence what’s right and wrong. But more so, the laws of humanity govern what we say and do whereas judgment is passed according to the law of popular society and the unsaid ethics that serve its center

Content sharing and storytelling: why and how people share content

Why do people share content and stories. A long story on content sharing: the what, why and how.

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Sharing isn’t anything new, humans have always shared content in one way or the other. From oral histories around a fire to troubadours to water coolers and coffee bars, we digest content and then we want to share it and discuss it. It’s a fundamental fuel of communities offline and online.

The Content Marketing Revolution

Companies are no longer just economically important — they’re intellectually valuable, too.

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The success of content marketing has radicalized the way companies communicate. For innovative brands, an award-winning Tumblr now carries serious clout; hashtag campaigns have become as compelling as taglines; and the Digiday Awards are as coveted as the Stevies. The content marketing revolution signals more than a mere marketing fad. It marks an important new chapter in the history of business communications: the era of corporate enlightenment

Rising Above Mediumalism: We Are All Creative

Shutterstock, a provider of digital imagery licensing, is hosting a creative series, “The Best Thing I Ever Created,” where experts share their work, advice and lessons learned. I wanted to share my

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What is mediumalism? It’s the act of placing inordinate weight on the technology of any medium, rather than amplifying platform strengths and conveying empathetic value propositions to create desired experiences and outcomes. This isn’t a call for debate, or my attempt to preach against existing philosophies; it’s merely an exploration of alternative approaches to enliven experiences beyond impressions, transactions, and engagement.

Broadcast Yourself(ie): If You Think Gen Y is Different, Wait Until You Meet Generation Z – Brian Solis

If you want a glimpse of the future of technology and its impact on society, study how younger generations interact with one another today. While everyone is talking about Millennials these days, there’s another, potential more disruptive generation behind them…Generation Z.

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With the sting of a face palm, you’ll experience a sheer rush of humility as you realize that everything you thought you knew about tech, behavior, and common sense is simply nascent compared to the native differences inherent to digital natives. No matter how connected you are or how many followers or friends you have online, there’s a sense of artistry mashed together with counter intuitive behavior that just works. My advice to you is to study it. Study it right.now.

I tempi del cambiamento The times they are a changin’

La realtà oggi è soggetta ad un cambiamento radicale. In parte a causa delle cosiddette nuove tecnologie. Con essa anche il processo di acquisto è cambiato.

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What sells it’s building relations and to build them we have to be established trust first. To achieve this, humans have always rely on storytelling, because while telling our stories we engage with others in conversations, thus building trust.