What’s the most valuable content of all?

10 experts tell us about the most valuable piece of content they’ve ever created. 6 clear lessons & some great ideas to take away for your business.

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There’s a lovely quote about writing, from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author David McCullough.

“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.”

Well, written or visual, valuable content is your thinking made manifest; it’s a place for your best ideas.

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Marketers Don’t Need to Be More Creative

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Marketers worldwide grew up with John Wanamaker’s famous marketing aphorism, “Half of my advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” That pithy quote is now a misleading anachronism; we can know which half. Digital media and tracking technologies, along with dramatically improved analytics, now mean that serious marketers — if they really care to know — can have an excellent idea of just how effective (or wasteful) their advertising really is. Ignorance is now a choice, not an excuse.

This new reality has sparked global Game of Thrones-like hostility and rivalry in the marketing and advertising communities. Traditional “creatives” and disruptive “technologists” are locked in global conflict for bigger budgets and influence. “Ad Creativity Takes Back Seat to Tech at Cannes,” The Wall Street Journal recently declared. At the advertising industry’s most prestigious, sybaritic, self-indulgent, and self-awards gathering, the “Mad Men” are losing to the nerds…

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The B’s in B2B Are People Too – A More Human Approach to Business Marketing

Answering any question about what’s next in B2B marketing must involve the increasing attention on buyers as people vs. simply “business to business”. The human

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By viewing B2B marketing from the buyer’s perspective, whether it’s an individual or committee, business marketers can start to break free of the mechanical and start creating more meaningful marketing experiences for buyers

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Jugando se entiende la gente… y se obtienen resultados

Fabrizio Faraco:

Del gioco e del giocare come strumento di lavoro

Originally posted on Con Nuevos Aires:

Hoy día la palabra gamificación está dando vueltas en el ambiente.IMG-20141002-WA0002
Grandes empresas utilizan este concepto para generar campañas que faciliten la fidelización de sus clientes, y otras tantas, están empezando a incluirlo dentro del entorno organizacional.
Pero cuando hablamos de gamificación, ¿a qué nos referimos? Básicamente se trata de incluir Acciones Lúdicas en entornos de No-Juego. La mayoría de los casos conocidos están enfocados al diseño de apps o videojuegos.

Sin embargo, creo que este concepto va mucho más allá de acciones que involucran el uso de tecnología. Como diversos estudios lo confirman, el juego genera experiencias que hacen que el mensaje se internalice, es un medio de aprendizaje en el que la emoción está en el proceso.


«Puedes descubrir más de una persona en una hora de juego que en un año de conversación» (Platón)

Y como “el movimiento se demuestra andando” aquí os dejo un par…

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A New Era for Search: The Zero Moment of Truth is Now Defined by Shared Customer Experiences – Brian Solis

Search is only part of the story now.

The experiences that people have and in turn share is created a powerful collective repository that is indexed and tapped every minute of every day…mostly outside of Google.

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This isn’t a debate about the merits of SEO versus social media optimization (SMO). Nor is this a discussion about social media. This is a discussion about behavior and the importance of discovery among an increasingly connected customer and the need to optimize and unite their journeys whether it’s on the traditional web, in social networks, or via mobile.

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